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Mission Statement

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Located on Castellain Road, just off Elgin Avenue, a five minute walk from Maida Vale station, Paddington Sports Club is a family friendly Amateur Sports Club that serves the community through the provision of healthy and competitive sporting activities and provides, for its members, fantastic sporting facilities within a warm and friendly environment.

Paddington Sports Club’s mission is to work in partnership with the wider sporting community in Maida Vale and surrounding areas to create a vibrant, progressive, and sustainable club which caters for members of all abilities and from all backgrounds.

Founded in 1905 from humble beginnings as a single bowling green on the edge of Paddington Recreation Ground, we are a proud sports club steeped in tradition. Our aim is to provide a fun, safe, and enjoyable sporting environment that encourages all members to reach their full potential, promote and foster individual and team excellence, and develop lifelong bonds through our strong community spirit.


Our values are:

  • To be welcoming to all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

  • To provide opportunities for all members of the Club to develop their skills, through the provision of high quality coaching and competitive playing opportunities.

  • To create strong links with the local community, in particular local schools.

  • To have a progressive and proactive approach to promoting the Club.

  • To work constructively with our sporting partners like the LTA and England Squash.

  • To plan for the future and being open to the challenge of new ideas.

  • Continuous improvement of the Club and its facilities.

  • To sustain and grow membership numbers of each section.

  • Continue to provide a lively, sociable, and friendly environment for our members.

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