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Going to the gym does not have to be a chore anymore.

If you are looking for a great value gym in the heart of London, you have found the one!

Whether you are a fitness newbie or someone that is looking to take their training routine to the next level, the gym at Paddington Sports Club is a fantastic option to make working out work for you!

The Gym at Paddington Sports Club offers you affordable access to state of the art equipment, friendly approachable staff to keep you motivated and a tight-knit community of like-minded members – all within a welcoming space that has an inclusive vibe.

Being a regular gym-goer at Paddington Sports Club is not just about increasing muscle size to look good on Instagram either. By becoming a fitness member at our Club, you will experience a greatly improved sense of well-being and as a result will have a more positive outlook on the day ahead.

At Paddington Sports Club we do not believe in tying our fitness members into contracts. We are confident that our facility speaks for itself in terms of quality, hence why we offer a range of flexible and affordable membership options and day passes.

You cannot replace the euphoric feeling you will get walking into our Gym, so whatever your fitness and training goals are, join us today to get fighting fit at Paddington Sports Club!

Fitness Classes

Whether you are into sweat-inducing Boxercise classes or yoga that transports you to the foot of the Himalayan mountains, Paddington Sports Club has lots to offer when it comes to working out.

Always keeping in mind our motto to lead healthier and happier lives, we take pride in offering a number of group fitness classes to help achieve your fitness goals in a friendly environment. From Pilates to HIIT workouts, our enjoyable group classes will ensure you benefit from a fun and effective workout whilst achieving quick results.

Our classes are led by our qualified fitness instructors who will be there to guide you, motivate you and more importantly, make sure you are having fun!

Please note, all fitness classes are complimentary with your membership.

To view our Fitness Classes timetable click here

Benefits of our group fitness classes:

  • Our group classes decreases stress hormones and increases endorphins, therefore making you happy!

  • Our classes increases blood and oxygen flow to the brain and the chemicals that help cognition.

  • Our exercise classes reduces stress and helps to maintain a healthy weight in combination with a balanced diet.

  • Attending regular classes can strengthen your immune system and help you beat infections and viruses.

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